Phrygrian Valley

The Phrygrian Valley is located east of Kutahya and north of Afyon. 
It was a cold winter day, the stone wall homes never warming.  I rented a car and drove through the small villages exploring the ruins that are hidden down each winding road. The morning was filled with fog, moving quickly over the rocky terrain.  The rural towns felt very different than other parts of Turkey I have visited. Life ıs very much tied to sheep and hard labor. 

The sun finally broke through adding a little warmth to the frigid air.

We went to Midas's City.  Midas was the man that got one wish, as legend has it, and he wished that everything he touched turned to gold.  He died from starvation after his wife turned to gold.

We continued driving back through the Phrygian Valley, also known as mini Cappadocia. 

The Phrygrian Kingdom, around the 8th century BCE, lived in this area, and produced the most exquisite pots. These are all from the collection at the Ankara Archaeological Museum.



Phrygian Potters: May you Rest in Peace!