Eyes in Anatolia

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(45 kilometers from where I live)

Cappadocia: Although many people still live in cave dwelling,
these are boarded and used for pigeon houses.
The pigeon guano is collected for organic fertilizer.

This is used for spinning yarn

Silk carpets are highly prized and sometimes a woman will work three years
on a carpet that is 2 feet by 3 feet.  When a light is put behind one
of these small rugs all the details are revealed in luminosity.
This weaver is working with wool yarn and she is making a kilim.


Making a traditional Mulberry fruit rollup....mmm

The Silk Road


Every home has eggplants and peppers drying to make delicious dolmas.

This was part of the closing ceremony for a ceramic symposium 
I attending in Battalgazi.

Closing ceremony for Kervansaray

As part of the exhibition day at the Kervansaray Ceramics Symposium
the town had a lunch prepared by the local woman.  The food
was the best I have tasted in Turkey- which says a lot because Turkish
food has quickly become my favorite food.

 KÜTAHYA: 10 hrs Northeast